Patents protect technical inventions. New technologies are valuable and can be exclusively protected by patents or utility models to hold off competitors. Patents reflect the innovative capacity of a company. Patents will be examined while utility models will be registered without substantial examination. We will advise you about the best alternative for your project. We assist you to use these intellectual property rights in the best possible manner.

We directly represent you before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office. We work closely with a widespread net of international associates for handling patent matters other than before the GPTO and EPO.

As patent attorneys with expertise in various technical fields we are prepared to give advice with respect to all technical and legal issues. We take care of prosecution as well as maintenance of your intellectual property rights and assist you in case of infringement thereof. Furthermore, we offer consultancy regarding the following matters: litigation, patent searches, license agreements, border seizure procedures, monitoring of property rights of your competitors.