Dipl.-Ing. Heinz-Dieter Kalkoff

  • Heinz Kalkoff

Senior partner of our firm, Heinz-Dieter Kalkoff is qualified as German Patent Attorney since 1968. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering. Heinz Kalkoff is European Patent Attorney admitted to the European Patent Office as well as a representative admitted to the European Office for Trademarks and Designs. 

Heinz-Dieter Kalkoff studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University
of Hannover and subsequently worked as a mechanical engineer for Hanomag/Rheinstahl and as a designer for Norton Company, Worcester (Massachusetts, USA). He also had a patent-oriented employment with
a large machine manufacturer in Hannover.

Heinz-Dieter Kalkoff is frequently invited to report on specific questions of patent law and licensing practice in the course of professional conferences, seminars of various organizations, associations, universities etc.